In the depths of my heart

There are things buried in the depths of my heart-fears and knowledge that are unpleasant and which I would not want to examine too closely as they threaten my current comfort levels. But I want to look at them now because without doing so, I cannot move on.

What is the meaning behind suffering? I do not mind cancers and paralysis and loss of limbs etc. Yes, very often these do bring up the courage and faith in a person who becomes a beacon for others who are in trouble.

But I cannot find anything good in the death of Soumya. She was going for her own betrothal ceremony by train and she carried some money- a small sum, but big for her as she worked in a shop on a meagre salary and was the only earner in the family-in her handbag. Very near her own station, the carriage became empty and a one armed criminal tried to snatch the bag from her. She resisted and ran screaming from one end of the coach to the other and the villain- Munichamy- chased her, kicked her out of the train through its open door, (train must have slowed down), jumped out,  dragged her along, smashed her head, raped her and robbed her.

Munichami was caught and it came to light that there were gangs operating in trains who stole the bags or snatched them when they could and they were supported by invisible and powerful people. Munichami received expensive legal aid.

My first question- Soumya was an ordinary girl trying to make a living. Why did she have to suffer so? 

Second- With Munichami caught and a lawyer who received money for defense, is it impossible for the police to trace the heads of these gangs, what prevents them?

What happens to the small children who disappear? To what hell are they taken by the kidnappers?

Where is God when such innocents suffer?

This question makes me fearful.






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