Anecdotal Evidence and us

Whenever we talk of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Yoga etc. the Allopathic medicine men are disbelieving, if not contemptuous. They assert that they do not accept anecdotal evidence because they have been trained in the ‘scientific’ tradition to accept only empirical evidence confirmed in controlled laboratories. The Tribal, the Naturopath etc only have the evidence of experience and they never administer the same medicine for the same disease as they treat the whole personality and consider disease a product of imbalance/ disharmony.

The irony is that even as some person discredit ‘anecdotal’ evidence, most of them, unconsciously, have accepted several such anecdotes which are the basic tenets they live by. Let me explain:

When Mary Magdalene went and reported to the apostles that she had seen the risen Lord, they were disbelieving and considered this ‘anecdotal evidence’. The Lord however, took pity on them and appeared to them. Doubting Thomas is famous. So they believed only after they experienced Christ risen. The two on the road to Emmaus is a very relevant example. They did not even recognize Him until they had partaken of the bread. They rushed back to report.

These are at best only anecdotal experience reported to us through centuries through the Bible and the Church. Most ancient religions also do not have empirical proof but we who have dared to accept them have found that they enrich our lives.

I believe in tribal medicine because I am religious.

There is a lot in the skepticism of allopathy because since alternative medicine thrives without any specific standards, the number of fraudsters far exceed the genuine practitioner. So one must not be credulous. But in spite of the labs and research, many medicines of the allopath have caused worse conditions than the disease that they treated. But one must not undermine allopathy and the service it has rendered over the years. I owe my two children delivered through Cesarean Section to allopathy. I await the day when all medicine men join in their quest and help each other out.That would be the day when all religions accept that they point to the same truth,


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