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When Priesthood goes astray, Jesus is crucified.

Some years back, in a publication of the Catholic Church, a nun lamented that when ordinary people err, the matter is treated lightly, but when a priest or a nun commits even a small mistake, it is blown out of … Continue reading

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Now that I am over fifty and aware of the ground realities, I often wonder about Omana. I also understand why many of the important characters in the  stories of Madhavikutty alias Kamala Das, are maids, houseboys, drivers and helpers … Continue reading

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Suddenly the snakes were everywhere. A big fat rat-snake that used to be seen slithering around the water-lily tank had disappeared and no snake had been seen in the area for quite some time. This peaceful time was disturbed by … Continue reading

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A matter of perception.

My cell phone sprang to shrill life, startling me and the dentist whose gloved hand was deep in my mouth. He lifted his hand and asked ‘Do you want to answer the phone? You will have to wait till the … Continue reading

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  The purpose of the Orthodox Church is to enable and nourish its children to lead a successful and happy life in this world, sharing responsibly in the many gifts that God has bestowed on man and growing spiritually towards … Continue reading

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What is true spirituality?

Today, I read the message of the Indian Spiritual Guru, Mata Amrutanandamayi, in our vernacular newspaper. She said that true spirituality is knowing yourself. This is a very profound statement which I would like to explore in detail.. She also … Continue reading

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In the depths of my heart

There are things buried in the depths of my heart-fears and knowledge that are unpleasant and which I would not want to examine too closely as they threaten my current comfort levels. But I want to look at them now … Continue reading

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